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Innovation Leads Implementation

Updated: May 5, 2022

Innovation leads implementation: Will Thirty Three, new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner, signs multi-year contract for GYDE365 to help build a lean, successful, partner of the future.

SYDNEY, Australia, 7 February 2022, Will Thirty Three Pty Ltd (Will 33) and Seer 365 today announced the signing of a multi-year contract for GYDE365 to enhance Will 33’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central innovation model. A newly established Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner with operations in Australia and New Zealand, Will 33 is looking to revolutionise the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner landscape by taking a very different approach to the traditional delivery model.

Gavin Marshall, Will Thirty Three’s CEO explains, We are not strangers to the Dynamics Partner world, having worked in and managed several leading Dynamics Partners across the ANZ region. Working in these businesses, it is easy to identify processes that can be improved, but hard to realise change within their existing operational models. So, I decided the only way to really make a difference was to establish a new partner, which is how Will 33 came into being.

We believe using the right technology will drive fast and real improvement to the Business Central implementation model. We’ll use the GYDE365-Discover application to help our customers fully evaluate their proposed solution in just days, not weeks or months as usually required. We’ll also use Seer’s Analysis & Design application - GYDE365-Design, to speed up our customer’s Solution Design phase, without compromising on quality.”

Joe Padda, Chief Commercial Officer, Seer 365, commented, “I’m delighted to be working with Will 33, and with Gavin and his team whom I have known and respected for many years. I’m looking forward to our journey together and have no doubt that Will 33 will be extremely successful as they look to offer their customers cost savings through real innovation.”

Marshall added, “For a small, fast-moving business like ours, adopting the GYDE365 platform from day one has empowered us to become a Microsoft Partner without the same level of up-front investment typically required. Rather than investing in additional headcount, we’re investing in a small number of experts and technology that enables us to implement faster and provide a consistently high level of services to our customers.

About Will Thirty Three

Will Thirty Three deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central projects differently with innovative, relevant and lean solutions that offer our customers a faster time to value. We invest in our people and technology, with a focus on quality outcomes. Most importantly, we share and celebrate each project success together, with our people, customers and partners.

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